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8867Re: [ANE-2] Sources for undergraduate Ancient Israel

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  • rwklein@wowway.com
    Sep 9 12:52 PM
      Try my website on the OT and the Ancient Near East listed below

      Ralph W. Klein
      Christ Seminary-Seminex Professor of Old Testament emeritus
      Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago
      Editor of Currents in Theology and Mission and Curator of the LSTC Rare
      Books Collection
      Old Testament and the Ancient Near East Website:  http://ot-
      Gruber Rare Books Website: http://collections.lstc.edu/gruber/
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      From: "X.Wang" <e2waxi@...>
      To: <ANE-2@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Tue, 9 Sep 2008 17:00:58 +0800
      Subject: [ANE-2] Sources for undergraduate Ancient Israel

      > Dear Colleagues,
      > This is Xianhua Wang writing for information relating to free online sources
      > for an undergraduate course on Ancient Israel. I am teaching Ancient Israel
      > and Biblical Hebrew, both are new courses here, to undergraduates at Beijing
      > Normal University, Beijing, but the availability of materials for beginners
      > is a bit difficult out here.
      > I have tried the internet and have found a collection of Bible versions but
      > did not succeed much in locating sufficient free multi-media sources such as
      > digital maps or video language wares. Information particularly of online
      > free multi-media teaching tools is extremely welcome.
      > I am using Professor Lester L. Grabbe's Ancient Israel somehow as a textbook
      > for the history course, to be translated and introduced to my students, who
      > read in Chinese selected passages of the Bible before I introduce related
      > problems in interpreting these passages. The course is therefore a
      > historical reading of selected biblical texts along which an outline of
      > Ancient Israel is introduced to students.
      > I need for this history course additional free digitalized introductory
      > texts on Ancient Israel.
      > For the language course, I am using the Chinese translation of Professor
      > Choon-Leong Seow's A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew. The book will serve
      > introductory purposes in terms of language but students here are feeling
      > difficulties in finding reasonably sized Biblical Hebrew-English
      > dictionaries. I am trying to get one by myself and provide photocopies to
      > students. However, this is also being a bit difficult. Any information for a
      > free downloadable dictionary will also be most welcome.
      > I have just come back from several long trips and am only about to respond
      > to some colleague's comments on my earlier posts. I will do this offline.
      > But for these two courses beginning this week, I sincerely wish for
      > recommendations of free online resources.
      > Thank you very much in advance. To save space, recommendations are welcome
      > offline to e2waxi@... or xw212@....
      > Xianhua Wang
      > Associate Professor
      > School of History
      > Beijing Normal University
      > Beijing, China
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