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8831Re: [ANE-2] A question about stoning

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  • Max Dashu
    Aug 26, 2008
      This reply is not too late, I hope. There is a reference to stoning
      in Sumeria, laws of Uruinimgina, in Samuel Kramer's translation (The
      Sumerians, 1963):

      "The women of former days used to take two husbands, the women of
      today were stoned with stones."

      Other translations vary. The original code no longer exists, so
      doubtful the conflict will be resolved.

      >It is assumed in many quarters that stoning as a form of execution has
      >been used in the Near East, from "time immemorial." Is there any
      >evidence for this outside of Biblical texts?

      Max Dashu
      Suppressed Histories Archives

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