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8409Re: [ANE-2] ANET Quote: "Sixth Year"

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  • victor avigdor hurowitz
    Jun 19 10:52 AM
      Have a look at Atrahasis. YOu can find your passage in Lambert and
      Millard's edition on pp. 112-115 S vi 1-15. It's the Assyrian
      recension. The Old Babyonian version has something parallel on pp. 78-81
      II iv 1 ff but it breaks off.
      Victor Hurowitz

      On Thu, 19 Jun 2008, Chris Weimer wrote:

      > Can anyone tell me where in Pritchard's ANET or elsewhere can I find a
      > text dealing with I think either a famine or a besieged city and where
      > it is listed year by year what the people eat. All I remember is that
      > in the sixth year, the people resort to cannibalism. Does this passage
      > sound familiar to anyone? I'm pretty sure I read it in ANET, although
      > it is possible, I suppose, that I might have read it elsewhere.
      > Thanks in advance,
      > Chris Weimer
      > University of Memphis
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