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8379bab edh-Dhra' volume

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  • rtschaub74
    Jun 4, 2008
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      Volume 3 of the Expedition to the Dead Sea Plain has just been
      published by Alta Mira Press. "The Early Bronze Age I Tombs and Burials
      of Bâb edh-Dhrâ', Jordan" By Donald J. Ortner and Bruno Frohlich. The
      volume concentrates on the skeletal evidence of the EB I tombs
      describing the conditions of burial, age, sex and minimum number of
      individuals and evidence of abnormalities. Questions are raised
      throughout the volume on the relation of primary to secondary burials,
      demographic statistics, the relation of settled groups and
      pastoralists, and of EB IA and EB IB groups etc.
      R. Thomas Schaub
      Director Expedition to the Dead Sa Plain, Jordan