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8285Administrative note

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  • cejo@uchicago.edu
    May 1, 2008
      Dear ANE-2 Members,

      The moderators have decided to impose a moratorium on discussion of Dead Sea Scrolls / Qumran on the ANE-2 list. The
      reasons for this action will be obvious to most readers. What may not be obvious is that there has been serious misuse of the list
      and of the email addresses of members of the list. We are working towards a solution to these problems.

      In the meantime, if any list member receives harassing or unwanted communications as a consequence of their membership in
      ANE-2, we urge you not to respond to them directly - throw them away, or if you think they are serious problems, bring them to
      the attention of the moderators.

      We thank the vast majority of the 907 subscribers who use the list in a polite and civil way. We encourage you to continue to use
      ANE-2 to engage with your colleagues, teachers, and students, and to learn about the ancient Near East.

      -Chuck Jones-
      on behalf of the moderators
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