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7560Re: [ANE-2] Deutsch on the latest seals, an agenda peut etre?

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  • eliot braun
    Mar 3, 2008
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      No. What manner of proof is there for such an idea?

      Jack Kilmon <jkilmon@...> wrote:
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      Subject: Re: [ANE-2] Deutsch on the latest seals, an agenda peut etre?

      > Is the grandpa seal real? I've no idea, but....
      > If the seal from the collection is not provenienced, and therefore may be
      > (or is even likely to be, given prices paid for such trinkets) a fake,
      > then its relevancy is questionable in the extreme, especially on this
      > list, which purports to deal with the ANCIENT Near East.
      > The agenda for introducing this object is to obtain relevancy and
      > ostensible authenticity by association. That is not a proper scientific
      > approach to the study of these particularly interesting and important
      > objects, which come from undeniably ancient contexts.
      > Dr West has, of course, the right to post what he wishes on his site. We
      > may also criticize his decision to do so, given the controversial nature
      > of the objects in that collection.
      > Jim West <jwest@...> wrote: Robert
      > asked me to post this on the blog (since it includes a photo)
      > which I was more than happy to do.
      > http://jwest.wordpress.com/2008/03/02/deutsch-on-the-seals/
      > His comments too are relevant to the present 'seal' discussion.
      > --
      > ++++++
      > Jim West, ThD
      > http://jwest.wordpress.com -- Blog
      > http://drjewest.googlepages.com - Biblical Studies Resources

      Wouldn't you say that the discovery of the Refayahu bar Shalum seal in
      context verifies the authenticity of the unprovenanced father's seal?


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