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7094Re:Qumran cemetery facts

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  • Dierk van den Berg
    Jan 14, 2008
      The material culture in ancient Judaism was not group-specific !!!

      Herein I have to agree with Zangenberg et al. In so far Joe has an
      inspired dream, but that's already all.
      Whether or not a KhQ skeleton once belonged to an ancient terrorist
      (and that is what is actually behind the idealizing "Essene" legend)
      or not, we cannot extract simply from the bones, neither by means of
      logic nor with all my heart.

      NB to reach primary school, myself had to cross the local WW-I
      cemetery first, though this doesn't make me Wilheminic, isn't

      Dierk v/d Berg
      Nijmegen, Holland

      --- In ANE-2@yahoogroups.com, Joe Zias <joezias@...> wrote:
      > Paul Smith asks the following :
      > What do the Qumran cemetery facts
      tell us about the origin and the
      > provenance of the scrolls?
      > The answer is very little but the cemetery tells us an enormous amt
      of info about the people living there who were IMHO , Essenes, who
      fished ,herded, potted ...and in order to get to three scroll caves
      on the plateau one had to cross into their site whether one liked it
      or not.
      > Joe Zias
      > Joe Zias www.joezias.com
      > Anthropology/Paleopathology
      > Science and Antiquity Group - Jerusalem
      > Jerusalem, Israel
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