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7090Re: [ANE-2] Stoning (was Re: Qumran ritual cleansing)

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  • George F Somsel
    Jan 12, 2008
      As you note the gospels record that Jesus was taken to Pilate precisely because they were not permitted to impose the death penalty. We do read, however, that stones were on occasion picked up with the intent of stoning Jesus and that Stephen was stoned (Don't forget the inauthentic Pericope Adutera which was nevertheless early). It would seem that the resolution of the matter would lie in stating that it was indeed unlawful for them to impose capital punishment yet it would sometimes happen as a popular reaction (with or without unofficial sanction).

      Therefore, O faithful Christian, search for truth, hear truth,
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      - Jan Hus

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      From: David Hall <dqhall59@...>
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      Subject: Re: [ANE-2] Stoning (was Re: Qumran ritual cleansing)

      Where did you get the part about the Sanhedrin ordering people stoned during Pilate's administration? I recall a Talmudic passage that the Sanhedrin was not allowed to execute people during Roman rule. The Christian gospel writings also recorded such. According to Jospehus c. 66 the entire countryside was filled with anger by those calling for a revolt against the Romans. Before the uprising in year 66 there were numerous incidents of mob uprisings, insurrection, and so forth. The militancy from the book of Joshua and other Hebrew writings may have caused irrational attempts to gain power by force. During the war against the Romans there were Jewish factions fighting partisan battles against each other in Jerusalem. Before the zealots retreated to Masada, they raided En Gedi stealing supplies from people of their own nation. Attempts to stone or execute people outside of the Roman law without the permission of the Sanhedrin were

      David Q. Hall

      dqhall59@yahoo. com

      Bradley Skene <anebo10@gmail. com> wrote:

      This is a more interesting question in connections other than with Qumran.

      You say on the one hand that The first century Sanhedrin could not enforce a

      death penalty, but you also say that they could cause people to be stoned.

      Could you explain the apparent contradiction? What is the relevant evidence

      on this point (Josephus?)?

      I am thinking in terms of the speculation that is sometimes made (by Morton

      Smith, for instance) that the Sanhedrin ought to have condemned Jesus to

      death as a blasphemer rather than turning him over to either Herod or

      Pilate, and why they would not have done so, or whether it is likely that is

      in fact how Jesus was executed and the NT story was created as anti-Roman



      Bradley A. Skene

      On Jan 7, 2008 5:44 PM, David Hall <dqhall59@yahoo. com> wrote:

      > The synagogues at Hammat south of the Roman city of TIberias were built

      > after the first century. I think the common person was under Jewish law as

      > the Sanhedrin had the authority to try religious crimes, but not to issue

      > the death penalty. The Jewish people had strict Sabbath laws and laws

      > regarding attending three feasts. People who refused the authority of the

      > Sanhedrin may have been made outcasts or stoned. To this day there are

      > religious laws that prevent working on Shabat in Israel, else more places

      > would be open on Saturday.


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