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6901Re: Qumran and ignoring evidence

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  • kessler_paul
    Dec 31, 2007
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      Talk about "bracketing evidence"! Surely we can do better than that,
      Stephen. Virtually all of the claims you repeat here have been
      answered in Golb's book. Many serious scholars have now moved beyond
      those claims, on the basis of the various pieces of evidence that
      Golb put forward. Sure, he made some mistakes here and there, but
      they are hardly important when compared with the decades of
      fallacious reasoning that he exposed.

      Incidentally, here is a review of Golb's book that appeared not on
      Amazon.com, but in Church History: Vol. 64, No.4 (1995), pp. 635-636.

      Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls: The Search for the Secret of Qumran.
      By NORMAN GOLB. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1995. xvi + 446
      pp. $25.00.

      Norman Golb offers here a book-length version of his incisive
      critique of many aspects of the prevailing theories about Khirbet
      Qumran and the scrolls found in its vicinity. This book is "must
      reading" for every historian regardless of her or his period of
      specialization. It demonstrates how a particular interpretation of an
      ancient site and particular readings of ancient documents became a
      straitjacket for subsequent discussion of what is arguably the most
      widely publicized set of discoveries in the history of biblical

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      More at:

      Paul Kessler (New York)

      --- In ANE-2@yahoogroups.com, goranson@... wrote:
      > In my experience of online enthusiasm for Golb's imagined,
      > evidence-less Qumran
      > scenario, I read people--often with multiple pseudonym--bracketing
      off and
      > ignoring evidence, when they are aware of the texts and
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