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6499Re: [ANE-2] Tutankhamon's Face on Display

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  • Jascha Kessler
    Nov 4, 2007
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      Someone years ago sent me a little file of the one and only recording of the
      playing of the silver trumpet found with King Tut. I still have it. I can
      send to whomever... They fitted a mouthpiece, blew a fanfare for the
      recording machine, and that was that...they feared it would go to pieces if
      blown again.
      [It is not Gabriel's Horn, which has yet to sound off1]
      Jascha Kessler

      On Nov 4, 2007 11:21 AM, iMac Core Duo <antonio.lombatti@...> wrote:

      > The article says that, apart from about 50 (lucky) people in the
      > world, the real face of Tutankhamon has never been shown in a public
      > display.
      > Here's the link to the article along with some nice photos of (the
      > smile on) Tutankhamon's face:
      > http://www.ilmessaggero.it/articolo.php?id=12418&sez=HOME_SPETTACOLO
      > In the end, it says that also the penis, that fell during the opening
      > of the sarcophagus and the unwrapping of the mummy, was rescued and
      > put back in its right place...
      > Antonio Lombatti

      Jascha Kessler
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