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6451Re: [ANE-2] Re: Ahiram Sarcophagus

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  • David Hall
    Oct 31, 2007
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      The base of the "vase" was shown in a photo reconstructed from several fragments, the top was broken off and missing. I was unable to see whether it was a vase or cup. No other parts were shown. The photo from the 1929 French publication is yet protected by French copyright law as Montet passed away in 1966. It may not be placed on the Internet. I have not yet seen the existence of the names Ahiram and (It)tobaal on the sarcophagus challenged. Classical Tyrian regnal lists included more than one Ahiram reigning during historical times. If Ithobaal was a son of Ahiram, he may or may not have been a king. The accuracy of the published regnal lists is questionable as there was more than one version on the Internet, and older historical texts were also found to contain errors.

      David Q. Hall

      "Reinhard G. Lehmann" <lehmann@...> wrote:
      As a matter of fact, the cartouche was inscribed on a alabaster vase, as
      is reported by Montet.

      The cartouche of Ramesses II found in Tomb V, tomb of Ahiram, might
      have been inscribed on a fragment of white stone. It was difficult
      to determine the substance of the material from the B&W photo. Did
      not want to state that it was a potsherd.

      David Q. Hall
      dqhall59@... <mailto:dqhall59%40yahoo.com>

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