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6093Re: [ANE-2] What happened at the first of ELOHIM creating the skies and the land?

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  • Yitzhak Sapir
    Sep 17, 2007
      On 9/16/07, Ariel L. Szczupak wrote:

      > Since I deal more with non-biblical inscriptions than with biblical
      > texts, i.e. texts that don't have the phonetics provided by something
      > like the masoretic tradition, I have to point out that there is
      > potential way to read Gen 1:1 as meaning "in the beginning of god
      > creating the ..."
      > Without the traditional phonetics, the "raw" text, "BR)$YT BR)
      > )LHYM", can be interpreted phonetically both as "bereshit bara
      > elohim" (the traditional reading, "in the beginning god created ...")
      > and "bereshit bro elohim" ("in the beginning of god creating ...").
      > In this potential reading ("bro" instead of "bara") 1:1 is an
      > incomplete sentence and 1:2 has to be appended to complete it. It
      > seems that's how the translators interpret the text because there is
      > no capital letter at the beginning of 2:1.

      Anson Rainey suggested the above interpretation in a way that
      is consistent with the vocalization. Commenting on the Ekron
      inscription ("bt bn ?ky$ bn pdy") he refers to a construction known
      in Ugaritic and Akkadian whereby a noun can be in construct with
      a clause. He gives an example from the Bible in qryt xnh dwd (Isa
      29:1), and in a footnote refers to Gen 1:1. In the same article (IEJ
      48:239-251) he also mentions that Lemaire reported having examined
      the squeeze of the Mesha inscription in the Louvre and finding that
      the "strange hapax formerly read as ryt is to be read hyt, the third
      fem. sing. form of the suffix conjugation from the verb *hyy, 'to be'."

      Yitzhak Sapir
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