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6039Re: RES: [ANE-2] Re: New Theory on the Evolution of Egypt

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  • Mikey Brass
    Sep 11, 2007
      Martín Segovia wrote:
      > --- In ANE-2@yahoogroups.com, Mikey Brass <michael.brass@...> wrote:
      >> Getting *ideas* from reading a a broad range of ethnography is not
      >> something I disagree with, of course. However, successfully
      >> *applying*
      >> ethnographic concepts is a different animal.
      > Well, you don´t know if what you find in one
      > region of the world can be "applied" to another
      > until you try and see how well it explains the
      > problem at hand there or not, but a priori
      > rejecting that it can be applied or expressing
      > a distrust to such approaches is closing one´s
      > mind to possibilities that can be good answers
      > to problems such as the birth and growth of
      > complexity in a given place and time.

      There is a wealth of literature on the inherent dangers of uncritically
      applying ethnography. There have been too many inaccurate instances of
      applying non-African ethnography to African contexts for me to be
      anything but cautious. I trust you noticed that what I stated in my
      messages differs from your above summary of them.

      Best, Mikey Brass
      MA in Archaeology degree, University College London
      "The Antiquity of Man" http://www.antiquityofman.com
      Book: "The Antiquity of Man: Artifactual, fossil and gene records explored"

      - !ke e: /xarra //ke
      ("Diverse people unite": Motto of the South African Coat of Arms, 2002)
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