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6023RES: [ANE-2] Re: New Theory on the Evolution of Egypt

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  • Martín Segovia
    Sep 9, 2007
      --- In ANE-2@yahoogroups.com, Mikey Brass <michael.brass@...> wrote:
      > I tend to agree with the scholars criticising the concept of
      > on practical and theoretical grounds. One aspects of the criticism
      is it
      > treats the predynastic inhabitants of the Nile Valley as a region
      > which to impose theoretical models constructed from examples
      outside of
      > Africa.
      > --
      > Best, Mikey Brass
      > MA in Archaeology degree, University College London

      Why not? Not forcing them into the data but
      checking if they make sense or not, after
      all, man is basically the same everywhere.
      I don´t see anybody ´imposing´ anything on
      anybody but rather exploring possibilities.

      Following your views, then Carneiro´s ideas
      about circumscription should not have been
      applied to Egypt and Bard should not have
      joined him for the purpose because if I
      remember right, he originally conceived them
      for Peru. Still, those views were published
      and (for a while) received respectful attention.

      That would seem to me adopting a very narrow
      minded approach that would impoverish rather
      than increase knowledge.

      From my readings in archaeology and anthropology
      it seems that evidence and theoretical views
      emerging from all over the world are tested
      everywhere, and this seems a fertile pursuit.


      Martin Segovia
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