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6009Re: New Theory on the Evolution of Egypt

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  • Martín Segovia
    Sep 7, 2007
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      --- In ANE-2@yahoogroups.com, "B. Andelkovic" <B.Andelkovic@...>
      > With the past and present "civilizations" in mind, overambitious,
      power-hungry individuals and conflict over power can hardly be
      labeled as "new".
      > As far as the state formation in Naqada IIC-IID1 Egypt (ca. 3500
      BC) is concerned (power conflict as the true prime mover/dominant
      factor included) perhaps this might be of interest:
      (several references given)

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      I am afraid you might have missed the point. It´s
      quite clear that individuals and their power struggles
      are not new in egyptology, but the concept of "aggrandisers"
      and how they came about and even if it is an adequate
      explanation for the appearance of hereditary chiefs
      in formerly somewhat egalitarian groups, is a subject
      much discussed in modern anthropology, and applied to
      the beginning of class stratification in predynastic
      Egypt I have never read it discussed in any egyptology
      book or paper so far. It apparently requires looking
      for different kinds of evidence in the archaeological

      All the interpretations I have read about deal with
      other possible causes for this phenomenon, as I pointed
      out in an earlier post.

      So, if you can provide precise references in which
      this modern anthropological concept is applied to Egypt,
      then this research would not be ´new´, but if you cannot,
      then this would definitely be new and original.

      Just some thoughts I wanted to share.


      Martin Segovia
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