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5989Re: New Theory on the Evolution of Egypt

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  • Martín Segovia
    Sep 3, 2007
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      --- In ANE-2@yahoogroups.com, George F Somsel <gfsomsel@...> wrote:
      > Now who'd a thunk that? It appears that this is something that is
      at least implicit in virtually any concept of the development of
      > george
      > gfsomsel

      Maybe if you judge by the simplistic way journalists
      put it, but I think that as a theory it was advanced
      only about 15 years ago in anthropology and AFAIK never
      for egyptology where demography, circumscription, the
      need for control over irrigation, etc., etc. had not
      very convincingly been advanced before and the concept
      in all its implications seems to be a fairly original
      idea for the early development of complexity in Egypt.

      Doesn´t it at least deserve a fair hearing when it is
      more academically presented? Maybe it has already been
      and I haven´t seen it. I didn´t attend the meeting they
      mention, has anybody here?


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      > Sent: Sunday, September 2, 2007 6:41:06 AM
      > Subject: [ANE-2] New Theory on the Evolution of Egypt
      > Professor Juan José Castillos, of the Uruguayan Institute of
      Egyptology, claims that the evolution of the Egyptian civilisation
      resulted from the ambition of individuals with a strong inclination
      towards exerting power. He presented his thesis yesterday at the 2nd
      National Summit for Egyptology Studies, in the southern Brazilian
      city of Curitiba.
      > The full report can be read here:
      > http://www.anba com.br/ingles/ noticia.php? id=15771
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