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5970Cuneiform variants

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  • Jim Wagner
    Sep 2, 2007
      I've been working my way through some of the Annals of the Kings of

      Mainly because they have transliterations so I can check my own work
      afterward. I'm using Labat's sign list. On occasion, however, I find
      a sign that doesn't exist in Labat.

      An example is on p. 103. line 55, the sign transliterated as 'su' in
      "an-ḫu-su-nu" is not in Labat's list.

      A further interesting thing is that in one of the earlier annals,
      Pudu-ili, p3, line 9, "Å¡arra-su" is written with an unusual sign
      representing the "su." It is not the same as the one on p103 but it
      looks, to me, as if it could be an earlier development of the same sign.

      The sign does not appear to occur in the _List of Neo-Assyrian
      Cuneiform signs_, based on Borger (with the caveat that I may have
      missed a variant sign too different for my eyes to distinguish.)

      Part of the impetus behind this letter is that I have discovered, here
      and there, three different methods of writing the sign meaning
      iṣṣuru, _bird_. These differences are radical differences, not simple

      Clearly, signs change through the ages.

      The question is, is there a "better" signlist to be using, or should I
      just go on as I have been, making separate notes of each sign and its
      apparent value as I come on it?

      Or is there some other suggestion I have not thought of?


      Jim Wagner
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