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5968Re: [ANE-2] Ancient Mass Burials

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  • Eliot Braun
    Sep 1, 2007
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      The notion of secondary burial suggests these pits are similar to south Levantine burial customs of the Chalcolithic period. I get the feeling that these pits may represent burials over a span of time rather than single-events. That would detract somewhat from the suggested dramatic scenario in the article. Perhaps as interesting is the archaeologist's name, Jason "Ur".

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      From: Antonio Lombatti
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      Subject: [ANE-2] Ancient Mass Burials

      Archaeologists working in Syria have unearthed the remains of dozens of youths thought to have been killed in a fierce confrontation 6,000 years ago.

      According to Science magazine, the celebrating victors may even have feasted on beef in the aftermath.

      The findings come from northeastern Syria, near Tell Brak, one of the world's oldest known cities.

      The full BBC article can be read here:


      Antonio Lombatti

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