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5961Re: Tel Rehov beehives

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  • Ariel L. Szczupak
    Sep 1 9:23 AM
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      Added question -

      Beehives bring immediately the honey production association, but they
      also produce wax. Could the clay figurines in the same context be
      models for lost-wax casting? Any sign of an associated metal industry?

      At 03:31 AM 9/1/2007, Ariel L. Szczupak wrote:
      >There was a TV report a couple of days ago on Tel Rehov (Beni Lis,
      >channel 11). I missed the beginning and was interrupted several
      >times during the report. What I did manage to see was quiet amazing.
      >A "farm of beehives (over 30?) within the city, trapped under
      >collapsed stones, some crushed, but some intact with remains of bees
      >and honeycombs (undergoing lab work in various universities).
      >Estimated production of 500kg (which is about 1500 "normal" sized
      >jars). And, if I got it right, in the same context they found
      >figurines and other cultic objects, and inscriptions (ostraca?).
      >I haven't seen anything on this on the internet, besides a mention
      >of beehives. It'd be very nice if someone here can correct anything
      >I got wrong and maybe add some details (without violating issues of
      >publications, of course).
      >Some of the questions:
      >The presenter kept saying "Solomon" and Israelites, so I guess he
      >meant 10th cbc? 9th cbc? Which layer exactly?
      >Are the collapsed stones from a structure from the same stratum or
      >from a more recent one? IIRC Iron II in Tel Rehov is mostly mud, not stones.
      >What types of inscriptions? Bookkeeping? Letters? Cultic?
      >Is an association of honey production with cultic objects something
      >known from other places?
      >And the most intriguing - a beehive farm within an urban
      >environment. Are there precedents? (not only from the ANE)
      >[100% bona fide dilettante ... delecto ergo sum!]
      >Ariel L. Szczupak
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      [100% bona fide dilettante ... delecto ergo sum!]

      Ariel L. Szczupak
      AMIS-JLM (Ricercar Ltd.)
      POB 4707, Jerusalem, Israel 91401
      Phone: +972-2-5619660 Fax: +972-2-5634203
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