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5806Umayyad era mosaic discovery

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  • Trudy Kawami
    Jul 31, 2007
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      A nice bit of Sino-islamic decor was found on the portal mosaics of the
      15th century Anau mosque in Turkmenistan, where two large very Chinese
      dragons swirl in the arbaesques. Although the mosaics were destroyed in
      the great earthquake of 1948, they are documented in photograps &
      paintings (though I can't find a good one on line at the moment).
      Trudy Kawami


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      Khirbat-al Mafjar also has a pair of (now beheaded) statues of the
      caliph standing on the back of a lion, dating to 724-43 ad and looking
      quite a lot like the Carchemish lion-riding gods. Actually with a brief
      burst of iconoclasm at much the same time as the Byzantine outburst,
      some form of figural art has been a constant in the Islamic world
      especially for illuminations, but also in all of the decorative arts -
      textiles and carpets, ceramics, ivories, metalwork - following the
      styles of the Persian and Byzantine empires, then adding a Chinese
      element during the Ilkhanid period. Religious architecture and
      illuminated Korans are about the only exceptions, and even then one must
      include the big cats and phoenixes of the Shir Dor in Samarkand.

      Heleanor Feltham

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      > For Islamic art depicting graven images, have a look at the Islamic
      > palace in Jericho, Khirbet El Mefjir for some naked, waist up,
      > 'wide track' dancing girls, bare chested men, birds galore, lions,
      > deer a whole menage of all those things later forbidden.
      > Joe Zias
      > George F Somsel <gfsomsel@... <mailto:gfsomsel%40yahoo.com> >
      > Am I showing my ignorance of islam or is something strange
      > here? I thought that all of the arabesques in Islamic designs were
      > due to an avoidance of depicting any images.
      > george
      > gfsomsel
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      > Subject: [ANE-2] Umayyad era mosaic discovery
      > The French -Syrian archeological expedition discovered yesterday a
      > 3x4 meters mosaic depicting birds, animals and plants at al-Bara
      > site in the northern governorate of Idleb.The head of the French
      > expedition indicate that the mosaic was found inside a mosque
      > dating back to the Umayyad era.
      > The short report can be read here:
      > http://www.sana org/eng/35/ 2007/07/28/ 131407.htm
      > Antonio Lombatti.
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