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5457Domestication of the Cat in the Near East

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  • Anna Johnson-Betty
    Jul 1, 2007
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      Jay Bisno ( BisnoCC@... ) wrote: "In Mesopotamian literature, several types of cats are recognized. In Old Babylonian syllabic writing (cuneiform) they were su-a and su-a-ri, and in Akkadian, an older form, šu-ra-a-nu, mu-ra-šu-u, and zi-ir-qa-ti. šurânu was a housecat, murašu was a wild cat, and those are the two which concern us."

      In Black-George-Postgate's "Concise Dictionary of Akkadian (SONTAG 5)" (Harassowitz 1999), I found the forms:

      mura$$û 'who does wrong'; jungbabylongisch 'quarreller, cantankerous person; wildcat (SA-A-RI)' > Neo-Babylonian proper name; < root ra$û D 'harass'.

      $ura:nu 'cat' [SA.A] of Meluhha; also proper name.

      Anna Johnson-Betty
      "Bettering yourself by taking up home invasion homicide and robbery of morally-suspect non-humans (aka "Evil Monsters") is what makes it D&D." - GypsyComet
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