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5312Re: Depopulation of Northern Israel

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  • K L Noll
    Jun 5 7:10 AM
      Greetings, all:
      I really don't want to intrude into this conversation, but since several times people have stressed the conventional viewpoint that refugees poured into Jerusalem after the fall of Samaria and prior to Sennacherib's invasion, I thought I'd recommend that y'all might at least consider the interesting alternative argument by Axel Knauf. So far as I know, this has not yet been mentioned:

      E. A. Knauf, "The Glorious Days of Manasseh," in L.L. Grabbe, editor, Good Kings and Bad Kings (T&T Clark International, 2005), pp. 164-88.

      Knauf suggests, based on examination of the archaeological record for Judah, that the increase in Jerusalem population took place in the 7th century, not the late 8th century.

      K. L. Noll
      Brandon University
      Brandon, Manitoba

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