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5300Re: [ANE-2] Relief from Carthage

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  • goranson@duke.edu
    Jun 4, 2007
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      FWIW, though I haven't found a discussion of what von Hagen, The Roads
      that Led
      to Rome (1967) p. 87 (unpersuasively?) captioned as

      > "A roughly carved Punic relief discovered in the ruins of Carthage. The city
      > was finally destroyed after the Third Punic War, which ended in 146 BC."

      a review raised doubts about the reliability of the book. Can we be
      sure of the
      relief's provenance and date?

      The review title: "Inextricabilis Error." Classical Review 18 (1968)
      335-6, A.R.
      Burn (available at jstor).

      Stephen Goranson
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