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5297Re: Depopulation of Northern Israel

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  • paolo merlo
    Jun 4, 2007
      Dear Liz,
      As the Bible and the Babylonian Chronicles say that Salmaneser conquered
      Samaria, whilst the inscriptions of Sargon II says that he himself was the
      "conqueror of Samaria", some scholars suggest that Salmaneser V conquered
      Samaria, but only Sargon II carried out the deportation.
      Cfr. A. Fuchs, Die Inschriften Sargons II. aus Khorsabad, Göttingen 1994, p.

      Other matter: I. Finkelstein and N.A. Silbermann say that a torrent of
      refugees came from Israel to Judah in the short period of time between 722
      (Samaria's fall) and 701 (Sennacherib's campaign against Jerusalem). In
      Finkelstein-Silbermann's view, in the late eighth cent. BCE Jerusalem grew
      in size from c. 6 to c. 60 hectares. Cfr. I. Finkelstein, N.A. Silbermann,
      Temple and Dynasty. Hezekiah, the Remaking of Judah and the Rise of the
      Pan-Israelite Ideology, in JSOT 30, 2006, 259-285 (spec. 265-67).

      Best wishes,
      Paolo Merlo
      PUL - Rome

      Posted by: "Lisbeth S. Fried"

      Thu May 31, 2007 6:30 am (PST)

      Prof. Tadmor suggested (personal communication; I don’t know if
      he wrote it

      somewhere) that Shalmaneser V deported them, and that Sargon II took the

      credit in his inscriptions.

      But I don’t know how we’d verify that.

      Liz Fried

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