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5285Re: [ANE-2] Re: Re: Living in the desert

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  • Clark Whelton
    Jun 3, 2007
      >>>> If I recall correctly travel distances for large groups of fully
      > loaded infantry are about 25 km/day and can reach 100 km/day for
      > small groups of light load elite infantry...

      During World War II in North Africa, infantry soldiers carrying field packs
      marched at the official U.S. Army speed of two and a half miles (ca. four
      km.) per hour. In his memoirs, General L.K. Truscott wrote that he trained
      his men to march at four, and even five, miles per hour. But ambulances
      followed the line of march to pick up soldiers exhausted by the rapid pace.
      One New York City block in 45 seconds (four m.p.h.) is as fast as I can
      move, without an ambulance.

      Clark Whelton
      New York
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