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5251Re: [ANE-2] Re: Depopulation of Northern Israel

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  • Tory Thorpe
    May 31, 2007
      Also, N. Na'aman & R. Zadok, "Sargon II's Deportations
      to Israel and Philistia (716-708 B.C.) JCS 40 (1988)
      may be of interest. The authors argue that Sargon II
      relocated whole groups of Arabians and Babylonians
      to Samaria, Bethel, and Philistia, to replace the
      inhabitants who were deported earlier.

      Tory Thorpe

      --- Christopher Conlan <chris_conlan@...>

      > It might be an idea for those interested in this
      > topic to consult the
      > following volume:
      > "Mass deportations and deportees in the Neo-Assyrian
      > Empire" by
      > Bustenay Oded, 1979.
      > Christopher Conlan
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