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5233Re: [ANE-2] Depopulation of Northern Israel

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  • Eliot Braun
    May 30, 2007
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      The growth of Jerusalem, onto the western hill (the area occupied today by parts of the Jewish and Armenian Quarters in the later phases of the Iron Age is purpoted to be a result of an influx of population. Years ago one or more articles were written expressing that idea. Someone might remember one work in particular, published in IEJ. I do not recall the author but some possibilities are: B. Mazar, G. Barkai, R. Reich, H. Geva, M. Brosh, D. Bahat, N. Avigad. Sorry I can't do better than that.

      Eliot Braun

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      Dear ANE-2-listers,

      I was wondering if know if there is any consensus emerging on the issue
      of the historicity of the mass deportation of the entire Israelite
      population of the Northern Kingdom under Shalmaneser V?

      - - - - - - - - -

      It seems to me that the question has been raised whether any mass
      deportation occurred or whether only the elite class and craftsmen were
      deported, leaving a vast majority of inhabitants in place ...or
      certainly no deportation of the entire population.

      On the other hand, some evidence seems to support a real depopulation of
      western Judah (coupled with massive destruction, such as Lachish) in the
      wake of Hezekiah's subsequent rebelliousness. That may suggest the
      possibility that this kind of retaliation was Assyrian policy when they
      were antagonized.

      Best regards.

      Richard H. Stern
      rstern@... rstern@...
      Washington, DC

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