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4947RE: [ANE-2] d Asshur <-sharruu (to begin)?

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  • victor
    May 2, 2007
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      Have a look at W. Lambert, The God A$$ur, Iraq 45 (1983), pages 82-86. To
      the best of my recollection he suggests that the god is a hypostasization or
      deification of the City Assur. If that is the case, one would look for and
      etymology appropriate to toponyms and not divine names. S. Parpola deals
      with the name Assur in an appendix to his famous article in JNES 52 (1993)
      but says nothing about the etymology of the name. But he speculates about
      how Assyrian scribes might have analyzed the name were they to use the
      principals used by the authors of Enuma Elish in explaining Marduk's 50
      names, and comes up with nothing similar to either of the suggestions you
      suggest. For further information you might try Dictionary of Deities and
      Demons which I have at home so I can't look for you while here in the

      Victor Hurowitz

      BGU Beer Sheva


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      I am corresponding with some Assyrians, who hold that the name of the
      god Asshur means 'creator' in ancient Assyrian. I am skeptical
      regarding this, but haven't really worked with any Akkadian text for
      30 years, so I'm very much out of date.

      John Halloran, the webmaster of www.sumerian.org, has suggested "well
      watered region", referring to the territory of Assyria, based on A
      USAR (ki) used in the law code of Hammurabi. Since (d) Asshur is
      sometimes "spelled" the same way, it seems to me that the god's name
      is derived from that of the territory.

      Is there any input any of the scholars in this list can give me?

      Bob Griffin
      BA in Religion from Pepperdine University
      (Sumerian and Babylonian studied at Fuller Seminary under Dr. Sanford
      North Hollywood, CA

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