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4921Re: [ANE-2] Talpiot Tomb and BAS/BAR non-prophets

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  • Joe Zias
    Apr 30, 2007
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      As you state, underpaying academics is par for the course for BAR speakers compared to the exorbitant fees charged and you are right that Bill Dever and Jodi Magness are worth hearing. If you wish to become "enlightened" :-) go to Guidestar.com which has all the relevant info. on these so called non-profits. During the James Ossuary's 'real days' of BAR, gross revenues one year topped the 6 million dollars mark but 6,000 was given back to the academics and the profession. This is the 1/10Th of 1% that I speak about. Total exploitation of the term non-profit, whereas the percentage given back to the profession by ASOR make it truly a non-profit. This is par for the course. Some of the speakers do it for their own 'non-profits, others to sell books and others for their egos. What ties them all together is that all are underpaid, across the board for these very, very expensive lectures. If you wish to see where the money is going go to Guidestar and have a look at the salaries of some of those higher up the 'food chain' in terms of BAR/BAS salaries as advisers and then compare it to ASOR and to the pittance that BAR pays to these speakers. These wages for academics are truly insulting.
      I have long maintained that there must be an alternative and have had some success as many colleagues refuse to publish in BAR, the alternative in my opinion is the journal put out by ASOR, unfort. it is by subscription only however it is of very high quality, without all the trashy advertising of vacuum cleaners etc that BAR runs and great layouts. If I lived in the US I could conceive that the BAR stranglehold on seminars could easily be broken vis some enterprising person with a Internet connection and some backing from a non-profit organization. I, along with others would back you in a minute.
      There are however more and more people getting their info. off the web and there are wonderful blogs out there by Jim West and others whom I'm sure could be convinced to get the word out, they should be encouraged.

      Joe Zias

      Garold Mills <gmills4248@...> wrote:
      Hello Joe,
      I agree with your information. I organized 4 of the BAR seminars. The speakers were underpaid, compared with the fees charged. However I would say that we had a great turn out. For me having Jodi Magness, Bill Dever, to name a few was worth the effort. We mainly stopped because of the fees and the overall cost. Many of the "named" people charge a great deal. In some case far more than they were paid by BAR and a stipend I arraigned to lessen the fee to attendees. The public needs to be informed and they are very interested. However popular magazines are sometimes their only source. In the US it is hard to get a Joe Zias to come and speak for a couple of lectures for $500.00. Locals like myself are prophets of their own city and are not always seen as important. So it goes back to popular media. Web sites are helpful but not always helpful to much of the public. Perhaps we all can put together a magazine, TV movies, web blogs, etc. in our spare time to help out. I am being facetious! I agree with you Joe. Lets do something about it.

      Garold Mills
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