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4643Why Scholars need to speak up

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  • Jim West
    Apr 3, 2007
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      The press, it seems, is completely incapable of getting things right
      when it comes to biblical studies and archaeology of the Levant.

      Exhibit 1- The Baltimore Examiner- in this story


      Note what it says of Jacobovici

      "scholars are debating the work of Jewish archaeology author Simcha
      Jacobovici, whose new documentary “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” and book “The
      Jesus Family Tomb” challenge the foundations of Christianity. Jacobovici
      claims to have identified the mortal remains of Jesus of Nazareth."

      I didn't know he was an archaeology author- I thought he was a reporter.
      That's what he always calls himself.

      And then this delightful bit....

      “I was actually surprised to find a couple of reputable scholars
      involved [in Jacobovici’s work],” said professor Robert Miller, who
      teaches scripture at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, the main
      training ground for the Baltimore Archdiocese.

      And this...

      "The topic has been a staple of debate on the Society of Biblical
      Literature’s Web site, and University of the Holy Land professor Stephen
      Pfann, a Dead Sea Scrolls expert, set up his own blog debunking the book."

      Read the whole thing and then the next time a reporter calls you, make
      sure they get the facts.

      Jim West, ThD

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