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4615Re: Japhia and Nazareth

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  • Rene
    Mar 31, 2007
      --- In ANE-2@yahoogroups.com, "Yitzhak Sapir" <yitzhaksapir@...> wrote:

      > Zippora Cochavi-Rainey apparently identifies Yapu of the Amarna
      letters with Jaffa. (That is, in the geographical index of her Amarna
      letters translation, there is a listing for Jaffa, and it says right
      after Yapu, and gives the relevant Amarna letters where this toponym
      appears). It is apparently mentioned by one letter by the ruler of
      Megiddo, one by the ruler of Byblos, one by the ruler of Lachish, and
      one from an unnamed location (EA 296), but it mentions Yapu alongside
      Gaza. It appears to me that the equation Yapu = Yafo, makes more
      sense, and the northern letters mentioning it can also be explained.
      If I remember correctly, Jaffa was an Egyptian administrative center
      for the entire Canaan region. Maybe I am not reading Cochavi-Rainey
      properly, but still the mention of Yapu alongside Gaza suggests a
      southern location for me.
      > Yitzhak Sapir<

      Thank you, Yitzhak, for this apparently very plausible possibility.
      However, regardless of the reference in the Amarna letters, we still
      have an unambiguous Iron Age attestation for Yaphia (yod-pe-yod-ayin)
      in the general region of Roman Japhia at Jos 19:12.

      Rene Salm
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