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396Re: Urusalim (was Re: SV: [ANE-2] Solomon and Ur-Salimu)

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  • Kevin P. Edgecomb
    Mar 1, 2006
      Bob Whiting wrote:
      > However, if you require a "reasonable explanation" for the missing KI,
      > try this:
      > The scribe was part of an espionage ring sending information
      > to the Egyptian chancery and the message was conveyed by the missing
      > signs in the text. The recipient had to note what signs were missing
      > and then combine them correctly to interpret the message. The missing
      > KI in line 26 and the missing URU in line 61 indicate that the writer
      > was sending information about some city, but since portions of the
      > tablet are destroyed we'll probably never be able to reconstruct the
      > full message.

      KPE writes:

      You should publish this as "The DUB.SAR Code" and become a wealthy benefactor to impoverished Assyriology departments throughout the world.

      Kevin P. Edgecomb
      Berkeley, California
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