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3778Ukhat = Harimtu?

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  • sbudin@camden.rutgers.edu
    Feb 1, 2007

      I am currently looking through Maspero's 1894 publication of _The Dawn of
      Civilization_, where, starting on pg. 575, he offers the most Victorian
      retelling of the Gilgamesh Epic I have ever seen. In his section on "The
      Seduction of Eabani" (Enkidu nowadays) he refers to Shamhat (not by name) as a
      priestess of Ishtar, with the specific title of "ukhat." Can anyone tell me
      what the current Akkadian rendering of this word is? Is this an earlier
      transliteration of "harimtu"? Any comments or bibliography would be much

      Many thanks in advance!
      Stephanie Budin
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