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3769Re: [ANE-2] Re: Richard Steiner and the London Medical Papyrus

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  • Peter T. Daniels
    Jan 31, 2007
      He continued to publish in various venues for years, and a German team published similar interpretations independently shortly thereafter.

      In the early 1980s Robert Ritner brought me a stack of old photographs of the papyrus that he had discovered in the files of the Demotic Dictionary Project, and C. F. Nims found the work that he (transliteration) and the late Raymond Bowman (Aramaic interpretation) had done on the texts. About that time, Richard Steiner was commuting weekly from New York to Chicago to teach Dennis Pardee's Hebrew classes, I showed them to him, he got excited, and started working with Nims. This initial JNES publication eventuated years later. (The whereabouts of the papyrus itself were not clear then.)
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      Sorry, Ariel,
      I guess I meant "hieratic" instead of "Demotic". I got confused when Steiner - in the intro to his lengthy speech in Hebrew - gave an account of his work with an "Aramaic text written on a long papyrus in Demotic script, 4 lines of which which were published in 1944 by a team of researchers from the University of Chicago" If half of what he said in the speech is correct, he's gone a lot farther than he was in 1992 with JNES 51/3, 191-200 "Northwest Semitic Incantations etc.",which is pretty much groping in the dark.
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      "Ariel L. Szczupak" <ane.als@gmail. com> wrote: At 05:54 PM 1/30/2007,
      Demotic denotes a language/script that appears in the middle of the
      1st mbc. If there are Demotic inscriptions in 5th dynasty pyramids
      they are graffiti :)


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