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3750Re: [ANE-2] Re: Richard Steiner and the London Medical Papyrus

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  • Andrew Fincke
    Jan 30, 2007
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      1) Sorry I omitted the n is "Faulkner" several times. I have a cut under the fingernail of my right index finger, and hitting "n" is painful.
      2) Steiner says there are 20 Biblical words in the texts and makes a big deal out of "Eve" and the snake. That's where the ball leaves the court of the experts in Egyptology and bounces in the area of the parishioners, who have lived and breathed the Bible all their lives.
      3) Utterance 232 is Demotic. That's why I said "Demotic translation". It's a good test case to compare the modi-operandi of the scholars involved. I didn't know there were a number of different Vorlages floating around.
      4) I'm waiting for the JNES article "Northwest Semitic Incantations in an Egyptian Medical Papyrus" (JNES 51,3 1992, 191-200) to arrive.

      Andrew Fincke
      PS Aren't there Egyptologists who can offer their 2 cents?

      "Ariel L. Szczupak" <ane.als@...> wrote:
      At 10:29 PM 1/29/2007, Andrew Fincke wrote:

      >Let's compare Steiner with Mercer and Faulkner at Utterance 232, the
      >first one of Steiner's.

      No, let's not. Sorry. Two reasons.

      In order to verify Steiner's work at the specific sign level, you
      need the source he used. He says he used mostly Allen, "The Ancient
      Egyptian Pyramid Texts", 2005. And he says that in some cases he
      preferred other translations, but these cases are not specified
      explicitly in the lecture. For those cases you'd need a "regular"
      paper with bibliographical references and footnotes explaining why
      Steiner chose a specific translation over Allen's recent one.

      The second reason is personal. I have basic knowledge in Egyptian but
      I haven't worked on Egyptian texts in many years, I'm not up to date
      on recent developments (which are not trivial) and I don't have the
      necessary reference books on Egyptian. I'm not in a position to
      criticize Egyptian translation choices.


      >At 232 Steiner's Demotic translation ...



      [100% bona fide dilettante ... delecto ergo sum!]

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