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3701Re: [ANE-2] Re: Richard Steiner and the London Medical Papyrus

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  • Ariel L. Szczupak
    Jan 28, 2007
      At 02:21 AM 1/29/2007, Andrew Fincke wrote:

      >Thanks, Ariel,
      >Steiner, page 2:
      >"Robert Ritner, tenured professor at U Chicago, brought to my
      >attention the texts before you, including pieces that most of the
      >experts didn't dare translate since their discovery more than a
      >century ago. Even Ritner, a world class expert in Egyptian magic,
      >didn't understand all of them. Therefore he asked me, 'Can any of
      >this be Semitic?'"
      >gives the wrong impression. I don't recall any engagement in his
      >speech with Mercer or Faulker et al.

      Oh, in case it wasn't clear - these are the *online* resources I
      found, not necessarily the exact references used by Steiner. Online
      resources are what they are - e.g. the full Mercer translation of the
      pyramid texts is online because it's old and its copyright has expired.

      But both versions leave certain parts of these passages
      transliterated and not translated, as Ritner said. And while the
      versions differ in the translation of specific Egyptian words, they
      agree on the general subject and tone of these passages and their
      interpretation is consistent with what Steiner says about these
      passages. For me these translations were helpful. I don't have access
      to Steiner's exact references and the "meshing in" of the Egyptian
      and Semitic parts in content and style is an important part of
      Steiner argument. So even though these are not the exact translations
      that Steiner used, they were enough for me to quicly check on this
      part of his argument.


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