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3602Richard Steiner and the London Medical Papyrus

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  • MiguelValério
    Jan 25, 2007
      Dear all,

      Since Richard Steiner and Semitic texts in Egyptian contexts are the topic
      of the hour, I would like to recall his "Northwest Semitic Incantations in
      an Egyptian Medical Papyrus of the Fourteenth Century B. C. E." Journal of
      Near Eastern Studies, vol. 51, 3, (1992) pp. 191-200, in which this
      scholar analyzes and interprets several healing spells in the London
      Medical Papyrus, including spell no. 33, which other scholars have dubbed
      “Keftiu” (cf. Haider, Peter, 2001. "Minoan Deities in an Egyptian Medical
      Text," in Robert Laffineur and Robin Hägg [eds.], Aegaeum 22 - POTNIA:
      Deities and Religion in the Aegean Bronze Age, 479-482. Liège/Austin; and
      Kyriakidis, Evangelos, 1999. "Indications on the Nature of the Language of
      the Keftiw from Egyptian Sources." Ägypten und Levante XII, 211-219).

      Best regards,

      Miguel F. G. Valério
      Undergraduate student of Archaeology

      Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas
      Universidade Nova de Lisboa
      Dept. História

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