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3359Re: Ancient Nationlism? -- books to read

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  • nancy in chicago
    Jan 4, 2007
      That's an interesting point -- where to begin. I've only dipped into this occassionally, since you guys lost me long ago. I'm just an interested observer. Can you give me some names of books to read, etc, to get more up to speed? And, especially, some assistance on teach yourself (since I'll never speak, just read) languages. Thanks!

      Where, if much of my knowledge on these subjects comes from BAR, BR (magazines) and books such as "Who Wrote the Bible?" by Friedman, "The Bible as History" By Keller & several courses from the Learning Company (www.teach12.com) with such lecturers as Bart D. Ehrman and Amy-Jill Levine. And a few Bible study classes at church.

      nancy in chicago
      Nancy L. Jones
      Arlington Hts, IL
      Interested Amature

      "Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend; inside of a dog, it's toodark
      to read." Groucho Marx

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      > NP,
      >Where to begin? With The Israelites in History and Tradition, 1998? orPrelude to Israel's Past, 1998? Or Historical Dictionary, 2003? Or DieVogeschichte, 1996? Please advise.
      >Andrew Fincke
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