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2708Re: One Night with the King

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  • funhistory
    Oct 13, 2006
      > A particular gaffe is the Star of David on a curtain.
      > Judith Lerner

      I just returned from a matinee showing, & it was a fantastic film!
      While a detailed review would not be appropriate for ANE-2 (I'll blog
      it tomorrow--write to me offline for the URL), I was anxious to get
      back here & report to Judith Lerner that the "Star of David on a
      curtain" she sees in the promo photos is ***NOT***--I repeat--
      ***NOT*** a "Star of David on a curtain"!!! It was an incredibly
      clever twist at the film's climax, that you will not be able to
      figure out without seeing the film (unless the ANE-2 moderators would
      like me to spoil it). I was particularly impressed with the stunning
      visual effects from the computer-generated fly-over of the kingdom;
      the waterfalls from the palace were awesome (even if not
      historical). The biggest disappoint for ANE historians will be
      seeing vellum scrolls written in cuneiform--a royal library full of
      them! But the overall story is compelling & well done. Interesting
      issues raised regarding the rise of something called "democracy" in

      George Michael Grena, II
      Redondo Beach, CA
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