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2106Dating Chinese writing Re: [ANE-2] Cherubim Origins

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  • funhistory
    Aug 6, 2006
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      > Not, surely, for suggesting any connection between them?
      > They're 2000 years apart.
      > Peter T. Daniels grammatim@...

      Back in June we had a thread, "Old Shells Suggest Early Human
      Adornment" (beginning @ message #1896). Why is it so easy for the
      scientific community to push this human accomplishment back tens of
      thousands of years (i.e., the majority of specimens date to 40kya; some
      in Africa 75kya; es-Skhul reports allowed for 100-130kya), but a 2k-
      year gap between Archaic Cuneiform & the Chinese bone script sounds
      absurd? If there are similarities, no matter how obscure, isn't it
      possible that the same explanations for the continuity of symbolic
      behavior at es-Skhul could apply to a tangible relationship between
      scripts in Mesopotamia & China? Isn't it fair to say that our
      knowledge of ancient Chinese culture is vague/dim compared to that in

      George Michael Grena, II
      Redondo Beach, CA
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