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2104Re: Dating Chinese writing Re: [ANE-2] Cherubim Origins

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  • Tomas Marik
    Aug 6, 2006
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      BTW, three weeks ago I found a fragment of an inscribed oracle bone
      among our Old Assyrian Tablets. My colleagues from Sinology were a
      little bit upset, until we found out that the "J" of the siglum is a "U"
      and the bone really doesn't belong to 19th/18th century B.C. K├╝ltepe.

      Tomas Marik

      Peter T. Daniels wrote:

      >See also William Boltz, *The Origin and Early Development of the Chinese Writing System* (American Oriental Series 78, 1994; corrected pbk. reprint 2003), which offers typological comparisons with Sumerian. NB He says that Jerry Cooper continues to misunderstand his typological notation regarding "S" and "P."
      >Peter T. Daniels grammatim@...
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