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1A new beginning

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  • Paul James Cowie
    Feb 14, 2006
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      Kudos to Jeffrey Gibson for seizing the initiative in creating the second incarnation of the
      ANE List - "redivivus", even before its official demise!

      So dismayed was I at the decision relayed from the Oriental Institute to end hosting of the
      ANE List, to which I have been contributing since 1994 (!), that I yesterday toyed with the
      idea of doing something similar. Instead, I was both encouraged and relieved to witness
      Jeffrey step in to the breach. (The hosting and current redesign of my own web site
      [ http://www.ancientneareast.net ], several other online projects and the imminent
      completion of my doctoral dissertation all competed to discourage my "rushing in where
      angels fear to tread"!)

      A few observations from a long-time contributor then: Jeffrey's demand that joint
      moderation now become the norm seems eminently sensible. A list rises or falls according
      to the quality of its moderation, that much seems clear from recent events.

      I note further that the the Protocols of the previous ANE List have been transferred to the
      new... Might I suggest that some measure of sensible debate now ensue as to changes (if
      any!) that list members might wish to see as regards the Protocol? My own chief
      suggestion would be a simple demand that list members maintain their profiles carefully,
      and that they identify their interests, experience and affiliations briefly, both in their
      profile and/or in a post signature. This, I believe, would provide prime context for each
      post, enquiry and response on a fundamental basis, enhancing each members'
      understanding and appreciation of each other and contributions made.

      Again, thanks to Jeffrey.... I look forward to continuing discussion on the new list, both
      with former members of ANE and with those new members that this fresh beginning must
      surely attract.


      Paul James Cowie
      BA Hons (Sydney) GradDipEd MA (Macquarie) PhD in candidato

      London, England and Sydney, Australia

      Editor, http://www.ancientneareast.net/
      Area Supervisor, Tel Rehov Excavations, Israel

      PhD Candidate, Department of Ancient History and Archaeology, Macquarie
      University, Sydney, Australia
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