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1721Re: [ANE-2] Pictures of a fig tree bearing fruit twice

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  • David Hall
    Jun 5, 2006
      I took a photo of a ripening fig in September 2003 on the side of Tell Lachish and posted it to a web page: http://home.att.net/~bibarch/fig_tree.htm

      I recall ripe figs were available in the Souk of Jerusalem during Rosh Hashana in September. I thought the first and second cyle of figs may have varied from tree to tree and varied according to location and yearly climate changes.

      In the Talmud there were a few references to eating unripe figs that were available by the time of the Passover.

      David Q. Hall

      "Ariel L. Szczupak" <ane.als@...> wrote:
      The recent talk of figs reminded me of the pictures I took to
      illustrate that fig trees bear fruit twice a year. I took them after
      the claim of figs being a "summer fruit" came up several times in the
      ANE-1 list (e.g. the "niqqu" thread). Marc Cooper was kind enough to
      put them in the Photos section of list and you can find them in the
      "figs" album.

      The pictures are of the same branch of a "wild" fig tree that started
      growing in my building's garden. The file names include the dates the
      pictures were taken (March, July, October & February). The tree is of
      the variety commonly found in the Jerusalem area and in most of the
      country, the variety that was, and is, cultivated in Arab villages,
      and is also available commercially in agricultural nurseries.

      The dates in which the fruits form and ripen change from year to year
      and depend on the weather and on the available water. The fruits of
      the first cycle, the main one that starts early spring, are usually
      gone (picked, fallen, eaten by birds) by the beginning of summer
      (though some stay attached to the tree for months, or even to the
      next year). By mid summer (July & August) there are no fruits on the
      tree. The second cycle starts in September or October, depending on
      the conditions.


      [100% bona fide dilettante ... delecto ergo sum!]

      Ariel L. Szczupak
      AMIS-JLM (Ricercar Ltd.)
      POB 4707, Jerusalem, Israel 91401
      Phone: +972-2-5619660 Fax: +972-2-5634203

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