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1716RE: [ANE-2] Johanine anti-sacrament?

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  • Graham Hagens
    Jun 4, 2006
      Thanks to all for references and links.

      Jeffrey B. Gibson asked:

      >But I'm curious to know how you define "sacramental bias" and why you
      >see Jn 13 as suggesting an "anti-sacamental" one.

      When the author of a Gospel fails to mention a symbolic ritual ('this is my
      body...')of central importance to the Synoptic writers and the 1st century
      church (1 Cor 10:17), but presents instead an inversion in which Satan
      rather than the Holy Spirit enters in with the bread and wine, one has to
      wonder why. Had it become necessary by the 2nd century to remind readers
      that praxis alone does not sanctify ritual? I look forward to reading the

      Graham Hagens
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