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1708Re: Origins of Cultivation

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  • Mikey Brass
    Jun 4, 2006
      Some further references on plant domestication which are very worthwhile
      for interested parties to read:

      Kusimba, S. 2005. What Is a Hunter-Gatherer? Variation in the
      Archaeological Record of Eastern and Southern Africa. Journal of
      Archaeological Research 13, 337-366.

      Terrell, J., Hart, J., Barut, S., Cellinese, N., Curet, A., Denham, T.,
      Kusimba, C., Latinis, K., Oka, R., Palka, J., Pohl, M., Pope, K.,
      Williams, P., Haines, H. and Staller, S. 2003. Domesticated Landscapes:
      The Subsistence Ecology of Plant and Animal Domestication. Journal of
      Archaeological Method and Theory 10, 323-368.

      Haaland, R. 1995. Sedentism, cultivation, and Plant Domestication in the
      Holocene Middle Nile Region. Journal of Field Archaeology 22, 157-174.

      With regards to David Hall's post. The earliest evidence for controlled
      fire comes from Member III at Swartkrans, South Africa, dated to c. 1.2 mya.

      Best, Mikey Brass
      MA in Archaeology degree, University College London
      "The Antiquity of Man" http://www.antiquityofman.com
      Book: "The Antiquity of Man: Artifactual, fossil and gene records explored"

      - !ke e: /xarra //ke
      ("Diverse people unite": Motto of the South African Coat of Arms, 2002)
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