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1705Re: [ANE-2] Johanine anti-sacrament?

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  • Jeffrey B. Gibson
    Jun 3, 2006
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      Graham Hagens wrote:

      > This question may not be appropriate for ANE-2, but I hope the
      > moderators
      > will let it through if only to request for direction to references or
      > an
      > altenative discussion group.
      > Compared to the parallel passages in the Synoptic gospels, John 13:
      > 26-27
      > suggest an anti-sacramental bias. I am wondering if Johanine studies
      > have
      > explored this, and if so where such ideas might be found.

      You may wish to join and raise your question on the Johannine Literature
      Discussion List at:


      You might also want to consult the bibliography on this passage in such
      recent commentaries on GJohn by Beasey-Murray and Craig Keener.

      But I'm curious to know how you define "sacramental bias" and why you
      see Jn 13 as suggesting an "anti-sacamental" one.

      Jeffrey Gibson

      > Thanks
      > Graham Hagens
      Near Columbia university University of helsinki

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