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15465Re: A formal language for describing cuneiform signs?

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  • mjb_clubint
    Aug 14, 2014
      Hi,I did design a sketch of the formal language I was looking for and I put it into practice in an application for drawing cuneiform signs and for presenting lists of such signs (in order to learn them). I called the application "SVG Cuneiform Tool" because it uses the Scalable Vector Graphics standard. For further description and to access the application, you can visit the tool page through the URL below:http://uva.academia.edu/MarcBavant/Inscription-corpora-and-related-work

      The current design of the signs shown by the tool correspond to the syllabary of a Middle Elamite inscription, but I would appreciate comments from assyriologists working in different fields too. The tool is useful for me, maybe it can be useful to others.

      BestMarc---In ANE-2@yahoogroups.com, <mjb_clubint@...> wrote :
      Thanks to all who replied. It seems there are some approaching solutions, but nothing really matching my expectation. So, time permitting, I should try to design it myself :)
      BestMarc---In ANE-2@yahoogroups.com, <mjb_clubint@...> wrote :
      Hi,I am new to this group and did not find anything about my query in the previous posts, but maybe someone has a clue. Has anyone ever thought of a general means for formally describing a cuneiform sign? For example, a way of formalizing a description like "a full size vertical wedge, followed by two vertical wedges one on top of the oher" (sign A). Other example "a full size horizontal wedge with an added hook at its end" (sign BE) etc. The description language could encompass simplified coordinate and length data for each sign element, or function according to a more "vectorial" approach. The benefit I see for such a system is that it would be possible to describe precisely the glyphs of a particular inscription and enable a computer to reproduce them correctly for many possible purposes (font creation, publication, self training...).Any idea? Thanks in advance.Marcuva.academia.edu/MarcBavant

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