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15392SV: mat hatti

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  • Niels Peter Lemche
    May 19, 2014
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      Dear Cynthia,


      I am quite sure that other people here will have more information, but in the Babylonian Chronicle (the Wiseman one), you have it [Grayson, Assyrian and Babyælonian Chronicles. P. 100, l. 16: a-na KURḪat-tú illik-ma etc.]


      Niels Peter Lemche


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      A question I would have asked dear Avigdor z"l if he were still with us:


      How long was the currency of the geographic term "mat hatti"? Was it still in use in the Babylonian and Persian periods (references please)?

      Is it plausible that a Bab. or Persian period Judean scribe, who was educated in Mesopotamian literary tradition, would be familiar with the term?


      Cynthia Edenburg



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