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15244ASOR Meeting: Topics in Cyberinfrastructure I: Scholarship in the 21st Century, A Panel Discussion

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  • Charles E. Jones
    Nov 18, 2013
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      I welcome any who will be at the ASOR meetings in Baltimore this week to attend and participate in the discussion at:

      Topics in Cyberinfrastructure I: Scholarship in the 21st Century, A Panel Discussion

      Thursday November 21, from 8:20-10:25am, in International C. [It will be followed in the same room, by Topics in Cyberinfrastructure II: Reports on Current Research]

      Chair: Charles E. Jones (The Pennsylvania State University Libraries)


      This is the third and final session of “Topics in Cyberinfrastructure, Digital Humanities, and Near Eastern Archaeology.” Past sessions have explored digital landscapes, data collection and dissemination, and research applications. This year’s session will address Near Eastern scholarship in the 21st century. The research environment sees rapid growth in all manner of digital collections, including article repositories, museum collections, and datasets from field research. To use these collections most effectively, researchers need new technical skills (Web data, data analysis, software skills). This often involves new forms of collaboration among specialists teams, raising the question of how such collaborative contributions see professional credit and reward. At the same time, shifts in the legal context and economic context of publishing continue to transform scholarly communications. What skills and understandings do scholars need to thrive in the 21st century knowledge environment? Where and how do these become a part of our research and training?"


      Susan Alcock (Brown University)
      Sebastian Heath (Institute for the Study of the Ancient World – NYU)
      Charles Jones (Institute for the Study of the Ancient World – NYU)
      Eric Kansa (Open Context & UC Berkeley)
      Thomas Levy (University of California, San Diego)
      Suzanne Pilaar Birch (Brown University)
      Stephen Tinney (University of Pennsylvania)
      Matthew Vincent (University of California, San Diego)

      -Chuck Jones-
      PSU Libraries