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15242Re: [ANE-2] Size of Egyptian Military

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  • David Hall
    Nov 15, 2013
      The 19th dynasty army of Ramessess II marched from Egypt to Qadesh in Syria.  J.H. Breasted estimated the size of the Egyptian army was about 20,000 men -- Ancient Records of Egypt Vol. 3. 

      David Q. Hall
      Port Charlotte, FL

      On Thursday, November 14, 2013 7:39 PM, George Athas <george.athas@...> wrote:
      Hi all! I’m after information on the approximate size of Egypt’s military. How many men could Egypt field in battle in antiquity? I’m looking mainly for info from the New Kingdom up to the Hellenistic conquest. I’d be grateful for any numbers or leads.


      Dean of Research,
      Moore Theological College (moore.edu.au)
      Sydney, Australia

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